HARRY POTTER - Magical Creature Statue 12 - Troll
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HARRY POTTER - Magical Creature Statue 12 - Troll

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    The Mountain Troll is considered to be the most evil of the trolls. Despite his silly appearance, the Mountain Troll is a very violent and powerful being. He strikes before he knows what's going on and clubs anyone who dares to get too close.
    The first time Harry Potter and his friends meet him is at the Halloween banquet at Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. It is more precisely Hermione who finds herself face to face with this giant in the girls' bathroom. Sent by Professor Quirrell as a diversion to steal the Philosopher's Stone, the Troll attacks Hermione. Luckily, Harry and Ron arrive just in time to save their friend and eventually defeat the creature.

    This figure is part of the Harry Potter magical creatures collection and is number 12.
    The figure fits onto its stand to stabilise it, and is presented in a clear box to show it off.
    All writing on the packaging is in the original version.