Magic: the Gathering - Ravnica Remastered Draft Boosterbox (36)
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Magic: the Gathering - Ravnica Remastered Draft Boosterbox (36)

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    Ravnica is a much-loved plane from Magic: the Gathering, the first set of which, Ravnica: City of Guilds, goes all the way back to 2005. After the release of the original Ravnica, twelve other sets followed that take place on Ravnica. With Ravnica Remastered you get the best of these sets and see most of the well-known characters together in one set, optimized for a special draft experience! Will you rule the draft with Krenko, Niv-Mizzet, Aurelia or Fblthp? That, and of course shock-lands.

    A Ravnica Remastered booster box contains 36 draft boosters. A draft booster from Ravnica Remastered contains 15 Magic: the Gathering cards of which:

    - 1 rare or mythic rare.
    - 1 mana fixing card.
    - 3 uncommons.
    - 1 common or retro frame common or uncommon.
    - 9 commons.