HARRY POTTER - Wand - Death Eater 'Snake'
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HARRY POTTER - Wand - Death Eater 'Snake'

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    The Death Eaters are the Black Mages, loyal followers of Lord Voldemort. They are recognisable not only by their large black hooded robes, but also by the Mark of Darkness that they leave behind wherever they go. This mark is also engraved on their forearm, their master can touch the mark of one of them to trigger the call signal and immediately the Death Eaters transplane to join him.

    Product description:

    Authentic and official replica of a Death Eater wand from the Harry Potter films. This resin wand is supplied in the "characters" collection box and comes with a name plate. This wand imitates dark wood with a snake-shaped handle surrounding a white skeleton, probably a Muggle.

    Product under official Harry PotterTM licence.