HARRY POTTER - Baguette Ollivander - Ron Weasley
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HARRY POTTER - Baguette Ollivander - Ron Weasley

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    Resin replica of Ron Weasley's Ollivander wand.

    Each Ollivander wand contains very powerful magical substances: unicorn hair, phoenix feathers or dragon heart ventricles.

    Ron's wand is pleasant to hold. Its owner doesn't always get the desired result and a simple formula can produce an explosive effect!

    This resin wand measures approximately 35 cm and comes with its box.

    Ronald Bilius Weasley, also known as Ron, is the sixth son of Arthur and Molly Weasley. He entered Hogwarts in 1991 in the house of Gryffindor. He became friends with Harry Potter and Hermione Granger and they formed an inseparable trio. Together they took on many challenges, including protecting Quirinus Quirrell's Philosopher's Stone, forming Dumbledore's army and fighting in many battles such as the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, the Battle of the Astronomy Tower and the Battle of the Seven Potters. Ron also became Prefect of Gryffindor and Keeper of the Gryffindor Quidditch team during his time at school. He left school to join Harry and Hermione in the hunt for Horcruxes and to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts.